Frank S. Maggio

 Frank Maggio is a Tampa Bay, Florida-based entrepreneur, author, and inventor.

Following a brief but intriguing brush with promotional contest history in the mid 1980’s, Maggio “retired” from Procter & Gamble in the late 1980’s, and went on to help found or co-create nearly 50 diversified enterprises headquartered in the Tampa Bay region. Almost without exception, his endeavors focused on two primary fields: luxury waterfront development, and disruptive new media technology. Since 2012, he has dedicated time almost exclusively towards innovating industries in and around the two most ubiquitous transaction types: Payments of attention, and payments of money. Maggio’s interest in the attention and financial economies is based on a core belief that people deserve to be “respected, protected and rewarded” when paying attention – or money.

Between the mid 1990’s and 2005, Frank’s real estate ventures had generated over $250 million in residential and marina sales, gradually assembling one of the largest privately held luxury residential land portfolios in Florida. However, as the real estate cycle began to unravel nationally in 2006, Maggio’s began divesting his projects that had been slated to generate over $1.4 billion in sales revenues. This unwinding process, in hindsight, provided Frank with his most important business and life lessons – and the time necessary to focus on advertising and finance.

In 2007, after having created FMTV Productions Inc., ReacTV, LLC and TV ratings upstart erinMedia, LLC, Maggio helped form Maggio Media, LLC, a “reactive media” incubator focused primarily on reactive media e-learning platforms, interactive hardware, and mobile app technology. He still serves as Maggio Media’s CEO and Manager, and serves in similar capacities with Transactive, LLC (a FinTech enterprise) and Media IP Holdings, LLC, which holds the Maggio-related companies’ growing patent and patent application portfolio.

Mr. Maggio remains most actively involved with React, LLC, stemming from his interest in “reactive” advertising, a category of media that he pioneered and championed for over two decades. React launched a beta version of its proprietary live mobile game show, Super Squares, in January of 2018, and began regional deployment of a robust proof-of-concept in early 2019. His treatments for two proprietary, “reactive” reality TV game shows ReacTV and Instant Millioniare, are currently completing development within a related production and entertainment company, RXP Global, LLC.  RXP Global plans a 2024 TV or streaming season debut for one or both programs.

Frank’s seminal U.S. and Mexican patent related to CRAV® reactive advertising and the new reactive experiential (“RXP”) advertising, and active IP related to the Super Squares sports marketing process, combined with eight U.S. patents** accumulated in the TV and media ratings industry, and over a half dozen U.S. and globally pending patents, continue to form the technology framework for his myriad media ventures. (**Note: Maggio Media Research LLC, holder of the erinMedia patents since 2008, successfully transacted the sale of this portfolio in the Spring of 2012).

Mr. Maggio is an occasional contributor to online publication Mediapost and the Forbes Technology Council. A student of monetary reform, Maggio has met with international experts on the topic, has edited one book on the subject, and even authored its Forward. Simultaneously, Frank continues to conduct research for The Redemption, a joint book and documentary film endeavor that will unveil innovative yet simple solutions to the inherent flaws hidden within virtually all central bank-controlled debt money currency schemes.

Frank resides in the Tampa Bay region and is married with five children.