“One morning, upon awakening from agitated dreams, Gregor Samsa found himself, in his bed, transformed into a monstrous vermin.”  – from “Metamorphosis,” 1915, by Franz Kafka

Welcome to DisrupTV

This blog provides me with an outlet to share some thoughts and observations – many of them personal – concerning our nation, the world, and humanity as a whole.  DisrupTV’s focus will center on media (predominately TV, web, and news), and money (with most attention focused on monetary reform, and the hidden ways that our current, extremely dysfunctional, central-bank controlled, debt money system “works,” and how it must be altered).

Much of the media commentary will be observational, and often upbeat; despite the never-ending flow of poor content (and overabundance of interruptive advertising) that manages to find its way onto TV and the web, there are also remarkable innovations that will prove to give more control and power to the Consumer.  As noted where applicable, many of the TV-related posts you will find here will have first been posted on MediaPost’s TV Board, where I am a periodic contributor.

On a seemingly unrelated subject matter, I will periodically post commentary concerning the unraveling of the Debt Money system that has proliferated here in the United States, in its current form, since the passage of the Federal Reserve Act nearly 100 years ago.  In collaboration with thought leaders in the realm of monetary reform (notice that I did not use the words “economists” here), I hope to provide DisrupTV readers with new ideas about money, while providing hints as to how this current charade will end, and a groundbreaking new approach that can truly help reinvigorate America.

So, that explains the references to “Media” and “Money.”  But, “What’s with the ‘Metamorphosis’?” you might be asking.

Here’s the premise:  At the heart of the debasement of our civilization, lies media and money.  They are at once symptoms of a greater malady, while masquerading as byproducts of illusory cultural “advances.” 

Both media and money can entertain, enrich, empower, embolden and enlighten.  But, too often, they distract, divide, and destroy.

In this, the era of “Change we can believe in,” the metamorphosis is the often ugly manifestation of change.  Unfortunately, the metamorphosis we are experiencing does not currently hold out the same promise and optimism, for beauty and positive change, that one would find, say, in nature’s most commonly illustrated example, the butterfly.

Instead, we as a people, America as a nation, and humanity, as a species, appear to be devolving as a function of this metamorphosis.  We are gradually becoming a world of 7 billion Gregor Samsa’s; and the pace of this devolution appears to be quickening.

But there is Hope; there is always Hope.  And over the next months and (hopefully) years, I will continue to strive to be an agent of hopeful change.

There are great ideas approaching, and a mass awakening has dawned.

In TV, there is a flippant comment made, typically by content producers and broadcasters, to thwart observations made by a courageous few, that TV is too violent, demeaning of women (and, more frequently, men and fathers), biased, or simply evil: 

If you don’t like it, change the channel.

To which I reply, “Don’t change the channel – channel the change.”  The things that trigger disgust should be addressed, not overlooked.  They should motivate you to speak out, push back, and shine the light of truth on those who continue to debase us, our beliefs, our values, and our way of life.

Changing the channel is the equivalent of sticking your head in the sand.  And while channeling the change may often feel like sticking your head in the guillotine, the pain is usually fleeting.  The effects, however, are cumulative.

And necessary.